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New fic: Any Other Way

Title: Any Other Way
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and kissing.
Word Count: 1,600
Disclaimer: This couldn't be less true if it tried.
Summary: Kris and Adam were always going to end up together. Also, Kris breaks stuff.
Notes: Yeah, I don't even know what this is - it's silly and weird, and I guess a mini break from tireless work on two other fics. Whatever, we all need a little fluff in our lives.


“Hey, so, I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should be together.”

Kris drops his mug of hot chocolate. He makes a noise somewhere between a shriek and a whimper.


“Hey, so, I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should be together.”

Kris drops his mug of hot chocolate. He makes a noise somewhere between a shriek and a whimper.

“Did you just break something?”

Adam’s voice, fuzzy and crackly in Kris’ ear, is way, way too casual for the subject matter.

“Did you just say what I thought you said?” Kris shoots back, cradling the phone against his shoulder while simultaneously groping for paper towels and experiencing an internal freak out.

“Probably, judging by the way you’re freaking out.”

Okay, maybe not so internal. Apparently, Adam has developed the ability to read Kris over the phone.

Adam sighs loudly into the receiver - it stings Kris’ ear. “Come over.”

“What? Now?”

“Well, clean up whatever you’ve broken, but then come over, alright?”

“Adam, what the - ?”

“Kay, bye!”

Kris keeps listening to the dial tone long after Adam has hung up. He’s struggling to admit it, but he knows he’s going to obey. Of course he is.

When Kris tries to fit his key into Adam’s front door, he finds it is already open. He steps inside and inhales the smell of a fresh batch of coffee and hears Adam busying himself about the kitchen.

“Oh good!” Adam shouts over the bubbling of the coffee maker. “You were quicker than I thought. I worried you broke something important.”

Kris has made it to the threshold of the room, hovering by the counter. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands, and ends up shoving them in his pockets by default.

Adam whips around and slams a couple of navy blue cups on the table. Then, to Kris’ horror, he looks up, sporting a somewhat pitying expression, and says, “Stop freaking out, okay? Sit down. I want you to listen to my proposition.”

Kris hates when Adam controls him like this, but Adam has clearly just emerged from a shower, hair damp with steam, a few locks plastered to his forehead, and skin glowing. It’s distracting, to say the least, almost as head-spinning as the questions rushing through Kris’ mind like lyric ideas when he’s trying to get them all down in a whirlwind of inspiration. He can’t think, let alone protest, so he ends up dropping into the chair opposite Adam, and staring dumbly at him.

“So what did you break?” Adam asks, then blows softly at his steaming coffee.

“Mug,” Kris manages to choke out. “Hot chocolate.”

Adam twists his lips in amusement, but then his eyes narrow and his expression becomes faintly serious.

“Okay, just listen for a sec, alright? Don’t ask me what time it is - I know it must be some ungodly hour of the kind I usually call you during - and don’t ask me if I’m crazy. I just have some thoughts that I need to put out there.”

Kris nods stupidly, a weird combination of dread, excitement, and nausea rising in him.

Adam takes a luxurious sip and then flashes Kris a hard, burning look. “You love me,” he says with steady conviction.

Kris’ eyes bug out.

“And I love you,” Adam adds with equal certainty.

Kris searches Adam’s eyes. He sees honesty there, but not passion or heat. It’s like what Adam's decided is a result of logic, not of a romantic whim. It’s so uncharacteristic, it’s unsettling. Kris pushes down the threatening sense of hurt at that thought and tells himself that whatever Adam is planning isn’t happening anyway, so there’s no need to get all tied up in it emotionally. It’s not going to work. Adam is being completely insane, and that’s that.

Adam continues. “We love each other in an eternal way, you know? You’re my best friend. That’s not ever going away, no matter what.”

Kris manages a small smile. “You’re my best friend, too.”

“I’m getting tired of us beating around the bush. You’re single. I’m single. We’re getting older. It’s time to actually give this a shot.”

Kris shakes his head. “We’re not that old. You’re only thirty-three.”

Adam looks at him, and there’s sadness in his eyes.

“But I feel old. I’m sick of hook-ups, I’m sick of that life, and I can’t seem to find anybody who really knows me. They all want what they think I am, and don’t bother trying to actually get to know me. I can’t trust anyone.” Adam smiles ironically. “I know, right? I’m a big fat celebrity cliché.”

Kris just stares, silently urging him to continue.

“Remember that time we fell asleep together on the bus couch? When I woke up the next morning, your drool was all over my brand new Bowie shirt, and I didn’t even care. That’s when I knew.”

Kris clears his throat but his voice comes out just as croaky, just as desperate. “Knew what?”

“That eventually, we were going to be more than we were at that time. I didn’t know how long it would take, one year or twenty, but I knew I was going to fall for you, and that it would be permanent. And I didn’t even know you swung that way, then.” Adam pauses to laugh. “Drool, Kris. Drool was my epiphany.”

Kris blinks at him, stuck at the “fall for you” part.

Adam blinks back, and seems to realize that there is a real, actual person listening to him ramble.

“Is this really, really stupid, saying this out loud? Am I making a huge mistake?”

Kris grins a little, despite himself. “No. We’ll be fine.”

Adam downs the rest of his mug and positively beams back. “Exactly. That’s why I think this is worth a try. And it doesn’t hurt that you’re hot as fuck,” Adam adds with a hint of mischief. But then it fades, and he says softly, “We’d be good together, Kris. Think about it.”

Adam gets up and collects both of their mugs despite that fact that Kris hasn’t finished drinking from his yet. He lets Adam take it, though, and watches him bend over to cram them into the overflowing dishwasher.

“I’m going to bed,” Adam mumbles, shuffling over to press a quick kiss to Kris’ forehead. “Let me know, okay?”

And then he’s gone, and it’s silent.

At first, Kris is in shock from the sheer blatantness of the proposition. But then, suddenly, Kris is hit with a realization, a pang to his heart - only he gets to see Adam, the biggest pop star in the world right now, the one in every magazine being paired with every male in the general vicinity of L.A. -  cleaning dishes like a normal person. This Adam is all for him, and the thought of having him completely, even more than he does now, is elating as well as terrifying.

Kris can’t pretend he hasn’t seen this all in his mind before, hadn’t filled in the last puzzle piece of their relationship years ago, back when all they were were seemingly harmless flirtations in front of a camera... back when they were “Kradam.” It was just an idea, an idea that at the time appeared far more out of reach than it really was.

If he accepts Adam’s proposals, it’ll mean waking up in the morning to him. It’ll mean eating with him all the time, having excuses to talk to him even more than usual about things ranging from inane to life-changing. It’ll mean watching movies on the couch together until they fall asleep holding hands, and not caring because there’s no reason to go back to his place when Adam is there. It’ll mean going to bed with him, kissing him, and having sex with him.

Kris wants it. All of it.

He wants it so much, he surprises even himself, wants it so badly he’s aching for it. It’s an ache that’s always been there, steadily gnawing at him for too long, an ache that he’s been too scared until now to face up to.

But now it’s here. Now it’s possible. He just has to do something about it.

He leaps up, tosses his chair aside and bolts to Adam’s bedroom before he can even think twice.

Adam’s there, tucked in, eyes wide with fear, peeking over the covers.

Kris takes a step forward, slams the door behind him.

“You sure we’re not gonna fuck this up?” he breathes, daring to move closer to the bed.

Adam tosses his blankets aside and sits up. He looks shocked, like he shouldn’t dare to believe his ears. And then his lips crack into the widest, brightest smile Kris has ever seen on him.

“Get over here,” Adam says, possessive but full of promise. “Get over here and kiss me.”

Kris has learned by now that Adam’s ideas are usually good, and worth following up on. And so he obeys.


The next morning when Kris wakes up, he worries for a few seconds that the spell has broken. The night before could not have been as perfect as his memory is insisting.

But then a warm body moves against his and pair of dry lips meets the burning skin of Kris’ shoulder.

“I like this,” Adam mumbles sleepily. “This can’t possibly go wrong.”

Kris flips around in Adam’s arms and they’re kissing, lazily. It’s so good, better than good. Adam’s hair is soft between his fingers, cheek warm in his palm.

After a minute, he breaks away and drops a kiss to Adam’s ear. “And even if it does go wrong, you’re never getting rid of me. I don’t care if we have the messiest break up in history, if we scream and fight and if you burn all my stuff. You’ll still end up listening to me drop things over the phone and demand that I come over.”

Adam laughs warmly and slides his lips down to Kris’ neck. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Tags: american idol, fanfic
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